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Schneider Software - Visual List

The Schneider Software Visual List is a .NET 2.0 list box control designed to be bound to collections of objects of any type. The objects can then use either attributes or implement interfaces to provide even more dynamic display visualizations. The developer can also build custom renderers at the column or list item level to provide more custom visual needs.

  • Free for non-commercial use.
  • Paid commercial.
  • Multiple column support, with automatic column generation, and ability to customize column creation.
  • Column customizing: Rename, Visible, Format, Color, Rendering styles, Dynamic settings, by using interfaces or attributes.
  • Auto sorting of item columns; supports multiple columns.
  • Vertical and Horizontal column displays, with ability to switch during runtime.
  • Multiple item layouts. Vertical, Horizontal, Left to Right, and custom layout support.
  • End-user row and column sizing.
  • Minimal code required to obtain desired appearance, most customization is obvious and visible on business objects.
  • Provide dynamic appearance changes base on list item details.
  • Implements interface contracts to provide abstraction ability to presentation layers.
  • All control rendering uses a plug-in design to allow full or partial customization of all rendering.
  • Ability to specify an example object used to derive list appearance, and not forced to use first list item.
  • Supports large collection sizes, no caching of data or previously rendered output.
Visual List of Person object in horizontail mode. Visual List of Person object in vertical mode. Demo complex object. Demo complex object. Demo Fixed Position Items.
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